To walk the road of wellness, you must find your own map and learn to use your own compass.

My name is Modi (Maude-Dee) Soondarotok.  I’m a meditation practitioner and a health/life coach.  Thank you very much for your interest in the meditation and the mindfulness practice.  If you are interested in working togeher.  I will be sharing with you some simple meditation techniques designed to help you focus your attention on the act of breathing in our session.  This exercise is like learning any new skill, it will take time and a bit of effort to see progress and improvement.  Please do not become discouraged.  As you practice, you should find that you are able to meditate longer, and you should begin to feel more relaxed and at ease with the process.  Ideally, you should try to practice meditation every day for at least 5 or 10 minutes.  

Meditation is premised on the assumption that human beings have the unique ability to understand and control their own thoughts, emotions, feelings and various other mental states.  It is a technique that has been refined though generations of practitioners with the goal of identifying and cultivating the conditions for human happiness.