Hello I'm Modi (Maude-dee) Soondarotok,

I have studied Vipassana meditation from well-known Thai meditation masters since the age of 3.  I have been practicing insight meditation and mindfulness practice for over 30 years.  I conducted a meditation and the wellness retreat at The Lipa Lovely Resort on an island of Koh Samui in southern Thailand and have taught Americans, Europeans and Thais how to integrate meditation and mindfulness into their daily lives. I'm currently back in the U.S. via the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Portland, Oregon.  I'm continuing to share the practice with other practioners individually and in group setting through various agengies in Portland.  

I see myself as a translator of human experiences. We all carry around stories from our past, we can’t let go of our pain in the present and we are too anxious thinking about the future.  I hope that you will trust me to be the translator of your stories.  It may lessen your burden to share your stories with me, looking at the same stories with a different perspective, openness and without judgment.  I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but I can share with you my knowledge and insight on meditation mindfulness practice, stress reduction and relaxation techniques.  

I value creativity and its function to problem solve. I am also passionate about design, innovation and wellness.  I feel that in order to bring creativity onward.  One must be able to find harmonious way to cultivate a healthy work life and a meaningful personal world.  The contemplation practice will give your a practical skill in order to find that work/life balance.  

I’m looking forward to share the knowledge of contemplation and mindfulness practice with you.